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Apr 17, 2018

Monica, BP, and Michelle are FINALLY reunited and here to discuss "Bury Me With My Guns On."

BP is podcasting from her car (safely over Bluetooth) so her audio is a little off, but the content is still spot on.

Apr 9, 2018

Monica and Michelle are exhausted, talk about the last day of Clexacon, and other assorted topics their sleep deprived minds came up with.

Apr 8, 2018

Monica and Michelle break down day 2 of ClexaCon, where there is way less Wynonna Earp talk than there should be on a Wynonna Earp podcast.

Apr 7, 2018

Monica and Michelle breakdown the first day of Clexacon with a few special appearances (sorry no Opal this time)

Mar 27, 2018

Monica left the twins alone, so whether you love or hate this, you can thank her.

(We're so glad she'll be back for the next episode.)

BP and Michelle take on TSITH by themselves. Both Opal and Auggie are also featured.

Honestly, the whole ep is a giant hundy spiral dissecting the season 5 trailer. We're less than 30...